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Capacity Building Through the Development of Professional Capital

April 23, 2020

Educators from Pickerington Local Schools share how the district builds professional capital of faculty and staff. Pickerington’s use of focused collaboration through the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) has led to improved results for students and staff. Pickerington opted to employ the OIP in order to continue their efforts meet the needs of all students. The work has led to increases that are reflected in student outcomes and in school culture and climate. The practical, real-world steps the district took to improve outcomes are shared.

Contributors from Pickerington Local Schools:

  • Bob Blackburn Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
  • Zach Howard Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
  • Sharon Caccimelio Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Brian Seymour Director of Instructional Technology

Contributors from Ohio’s State Support Team

  • Rhonda Dickson Director, SST Region 11
  • Lynn McKahan Director, SST Region 1